Life Of A Writer

The Beginning Of…

A world of ice thaws. Dismal skies dissipate and give way to the luminous shine of the sun. No longer caged by clouds of grey, but now our eyes can stare up into an endless blue. Balmy rays warm the blood and heart. Time that was once frozen begins to move allowing life to bloom again.

Ironic how spring means to leap or rise and this is exactly what life does each season. It is the beginning of many things in our lives. New jobs, new love, new outlooks, new perspectives, new aspirations. This also includes new stories for us writers. If you didn’t start for the New Year as yet, spring is the perfect time to begin. Let your story grow side by side with your reawakening environment.

How do we start? One word at a time. I’ll even give you five words to start: This is the beginning of… Start small with your new story or new chapters. 300 words a day. Then you can continue to build up that word count each week by 100 words. If you’re not at the point of a story this is also a good time to brainstorm and create new ideas. Creating an outline at lunchtime during work. A few notes on your phone while going or coming from work. Keeping in mind something that inspires us from everyday life.

Of course as creators we should be doing this every day, but I like to think the environment can affect our mood. This also includes the seasons. Within this side of the hemisphere our world is reawakening. If the writer in you has been asleep for winter it is time for it to reawaken.

~ Nu Tael


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