A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: A – Alone

A To Z Blogging Challenge: A – Alone

Sometimes it is the dead of night where the only glimmers of light are from candles. Or small but bright illumination from computer screen. Or the faint flickering of a lantern. Sometimes it is the sound of pen and pencil hastily scraping against paper allowing ink and lead fragments to make something new. Or it is the rapid clacking of fingers to keyboard that creates. During the night this person is the only one up in the household continuing to push forward. Other times it is during the day with headphones set to high volume to drown out the world around to focus on one subject at hand. Yet the journey always seems to be singular experience.

The journey of a writer can be a lonely one. Who can understand why he or she decides to write about undertakers and gravediggers or vampires and fairies? Who can comprehend his or her thought process of using murderers, thieves, nuns, dragons, angels, vandals and vagabonds in a story where the sky is the ocean and midnight means a green sky? Who appreciates the hours spent on pages that just may be thrown away within a day’s time? Ironic isn’t it. As writers we want to communicate our stories to the world, but it is our same craft that sets us away from our peers.

We plunge deep into our worlds crafting it like architectures but alone in the cause. Or so it seems. We each plunge into our worldly bubbles but there are millions also doing the same thing at the same time. In the worlds that we plunge into we are alone in crafting it yet at the same time so many are doing the same thing. So we are not really alone.

You are not alone.

The life of a writer can become easily isolated due to wanting to craft our work and making a habit out of it. While solitude is good it is also nice to meet up with other writers to know our struggles and burdens are not unique to us. Nanowrimo has had fantastic meet ups and connection events for both writing and just hanging out. Ideas are expressed between one another. Someone gives you that one idea that adds new flavor to your story. Or just having some time to de-stress with others who are in your same field of interest.

If there is not any type of congregation for writers in your area, maybe you should take the initiative and make one to bring people together. After all we writers may not be easily found, but we are out there.

~ Nu Tael


5 thoughts on “A To Z Blogging Challenge: A – Alone

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I too was more of a solitary writer till about last year when I went out and met other writers face to face. I’m trying to break out of it and become more social writing wise. Let’s both work on this for the rest of 2014.

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