A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: E – Evolution

At the end of trials, challenges and hardship the bird learns to fly. The cocoon opens and the butterfly emerges. The student becomes the master. Remember the days when you could barely hold a pen? Or when you had to use one finger to type a key and had to stare at the keyboard more than the screen? Such fond memories some of us may want to forget.

Yet the process is essential. Our stories start through hardship of managing to put words to the paper. Many say they ‘can’t do it’ before they even start to write. Some, who begin to write, pick up bad habits that they cannot seem to break. Much like nature, a species takes time to adapt and adjust before it can evolve into something greater. Take a look at Megaldon vs us.

Megaldon is an ancient fish regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators to ever live on earth. Teeth about seven inches long with a bite force estimated to be over 20,000 lbs. Large enough to be over 40 feet easily (to put that in comparison a great white shark is around 20 feet in length on average and a bite force about 4000 lbs). So why is something so large and terrifying not around? Surely it would control our oceans and make those sailor stories of meeting Jaws and extremely large man eaters more fact than fiction. Yet the Megaldon vanished from earth. One possibility is that this creature could not handle the changing ocean temperatures. It could not adapt and became extinct.

Compare to us humans whom do not have the size or physical prowess of many animals, much less Megaldon. Yet through many painstaking challenges we have gone from animal skin togas and a club to make our fun, to wearing skinny jeans while playing Candy Crush on iPhones. Give yourself a hand for being the result of centuries of adversity and burden. The same is for our stories.

When we began with our first idea for a story it was probably very shallow and cliché. Over time we continued to persevere despite thinking it was not worth it. Ideas expanded, characters became deeper, unique styles began to form, and our process in accomplishing a story became more refined. Check out the oldest story and character you have and compare them to your most recent stories and characters. Is there a difference? Yet we are still evolving. When I talked about challenges and trying something new on my previous post it is for the end result of furthering your evolution into something greater.

Do not become extinct. Keep challenging yourself and keep evolving.

~ Nu Tael


2 thoughts on “A To Z Blogging Challenge: E – Evolution

  1. A very excellent post! Evolution is one of my most favorite scientific concepts (I have a degree in Biology) and I love that you have applied it so eloquently to the craft of writing. Like Megalodon, the obvious victor does not always win. Sometimes, it’s the little guys that get ahead. Love it! I follow. rsmccoy.blogspot.com

    • Your kind words made me blush. I have some science in my background so every once in a while it comes out. I’m happy you enjoyed it and hope you stick around for more of the fun to come.

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