Life Of A Writer

A Little Slice Of Life – Excuses

~As writers, we would love to be able to just sit back and enjoy our craft. But much like every other artist out there, we have to partake in other business throughout the day. In these “slice of life” posts, we’ll be venting about our daily lives. Everyone needs a place to vent, and we didn’t name the blog “ragged writers” for nothing! We encourage our visitors to respond to all posts, but especially to our little “slice of life” posts! We want to hear about all our visitors and their lives as writers!~

As the main voice behind the blog, I’m happy to announce that our little community is growing every day! Since launching just over a month ago, we’ve seen nothing but new faces joining in our conversations and following our little community!

While watching our little community grow day by day, I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate on one project at a time. My writer’s life seems almost nonexistent as of the past week or so because “real world” problems keep getting in the way! Heck, even my freelance writing has come to a screeching halt because of the evil “real world”!

Now, how many of you are finding yourself kicking yourself in the backside because you keep finding “excuses” not to focus on your creative writing? I know I am… even though my real world problems are legitimate reasons as to why I’m not writing, they still feel like nothing more than excuses, so of course I feel guilty.

I know in previous posts we’ve discussed just sitting down and writing whatever, but as ragged writers, we are just that…. Ragged, beaten down, and just overall tired! With home renovations, writing for work, and just feeling beaten down and tired, I’m just feeling too drained to write creatively.

I’m looking for the support of the community here! We need to work on a way of motivating each other in these moments where we are feeling our weakest! I want to see some suggestions from you all on how you overcome moments like this, whether it is for writing, reading, or whatever you find yourself making excuses to avoid!

Lyn C.


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