A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: G – Genre

He gets up late and rushes out the house only taking a piece of toast with jelly on the side in his mouth. Leaving behind the delicious meal that his father worked so hard on to make, but he must leave. The test starts in an hour and it’ll take him seventy five minutes to get there on the train. If only he got up earlier. Next to him on the train is a fellow student who is wracking her brains trying to study. Yet no matter how much she keeps her mind on the textbook, it wanders off to think about the guy who always sits in the front row.

Meanwhile across town he stands up again, his face partially swollen from the last kick of his opponent. The match is a point based system to win and despite wearing all the protective gear, his bones tremble with each hit. The adversary has greater reach and he just can’t get in. Still he does not want to give up. Not in front of his team so he gets back up and takes his stance. A building adjacent she lies in bed not wanting to get up to work… or do anything. The funeral has only been three days later, but she can’t get back into life. But she needs to because if she doesn’t who would take care of her daughter?

Then there are firemen and policemen saving lives. Hitmen taking lives. Chefs making food. Children reading. So many different lives and so many different stories.

What type of story is your life? What genre would it fit into? Are you spy for another country four months of the year? Do you train your body everyday preparing for the Olympics? Or maybe something as humble as getting the kids out for school or studying for that next test? Writers live more interesting lives than people think. I’ve met one who owned a strip club and another who was a sniper in the army and that is only two. Never think your life is boring. Each life is its own story and we are one of the main characters of it.

Think of what type of genre your life is. Then if you like the type of genre it is try to add to it. If not switch up the genre. If you look at it from that perspective it may just become more interesting.

~ Nu Tael


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