A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: H – Home Base

This challenge we have been talking a lot about the different aspects of being a writer. Today I want to shift gears for  moment and talk about an essential tool needed by every writer: a home base.

Ever writer needs a home base, otherwise known as a work space. Why do I call it a home base and not simply a work space? That’s easy, I don’t want to ever think of my creative writing as work. My creative writing is something I like to do, while wok is something i have to do.

As a writer, my home base is my creative space, the place where I can let my thoughts run free. Of course, my home base is my desk, and while I try to keep it clean and organized, it tends to be a bit of a mess. Scattered with loose papers, scribbled with notes and what not. My home base is also scattered with books. In an earlier post I talked about the importance of books for a writer, so its no wonder my home base is scattered with books.

Then of course we can’t forget the very pretty colored pens. I don’t know about you, but I like to print randomly and do a bit of editing, so of course my pretty pens are a must for my creative space. Most importantly, my home base also includes my computer. As mush as I love putting a pen to paper, I would be nothing without my computer. It holds all my creative thoughts and secrets. I’m not sure what I’d do without it!

Each writer’s home base (creative/working) space is different. To help demonstrate this point I’ve asked fellow writer, Nu Tael to join us in this discussion. So Nu Tael, what does your home base look like?

Much of my life has been one of motion and change. Moving one place to another or always having to adjust, share and give things to others. With that in mind my workspace is not one that is stationary. For the most part I am technological based carrying most of things I need for my creative process through cyberspace. Most things I need remain inside a laptop. I keep books, certain quotes, links towards subjects and concepts that inspire me in a writing program, Scrivener. Small little notes and reminders for a story I keep as notes within my cellphone till I am able to get back towards my laptop where I can incorporate them into a story. When it comes to writing, within my technology, it is organized with stories having their own folders and concepts and quick new possible ideas having their own pages and places.

Offline…. I’m more of a hot mess. Most essential things I need go within my computer bag. Pens, pencils, highlighters, loose leaf, blank paper, the current book I am reading, and components for my laptop. Things that are stationary are dispersed around my house but I know where they are. Certain books of inspiration I know where they are on bookshelves despite them not being near one another. When I feel artistic, my art materials split between a case with the drawing and coloring pens on top of a cupboard and a bag with the canvases and paper I draw on underneath a bed.

It is a hectic space offline I wouldn’t recommend one should do, but I have order to this chaos. And my most essential things are always prepared to be moved from location to another.

Clearly, everyone functions in different ways. It would seem Nu Tael and I have only one real similarity in our home bases, that being the use of the writing program, Scrivener. But we aren’t judging! Everyone has their own process and their own needs in a home base, and with that being said, I’d like to ask you all the same question question: What does your writing home base look like? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Lyn C.


2 thoughts on “A To Z Blogging Challenge: H – Home Base

  1. I’ve had a new housemate move in and it’s really unsettling for my writing routine. Even when she’s in her room and quiet, it’s a new energy in the house!

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