A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: L – Love

Nu Tael made quite the confession on Saturday’s Post, and I think it’s only fair that I make a confession of my own: I’m in love with being in love! I’ve had so many whirlwind romances it’s not even funny, and so many book boyfriends I can’t even count them all.

Now, before you all get confused, did you see what I said there? Book boyfriends. As many of you know, I’m an avid reader. My favorite genre? Romance! Romance, love, crushes… I crave them all in my reads, and I’m not picky. From the sweet, innocent crushes of young adult romance, to the scorching hot affairs of adult erotic romance. They all stir up those happy, lovey-dovey feelings deep within my belly!

Unlike my partner Nu Tael, I don’t have too many tips on creating the next epic romance novel. I’m still working through all those details myself. As much as I love to read about love, passion and desire, I also want to write about it. I’m currently working on my first “official” draft of my first manuscript, and can you guess what the general genre is?

If you guessed romance, then you’ve earned a virtual cookie!

While I’ve been dying to write this story, I have to admit, I”m a little nervous about writing it and making it public for all the world to see. Romance is such a popular topic that many believe that the genre and the topic of love has become over saturated. Heck, there are some occasions where I’ve even believed that! It wasn’t until a recent conversation with Nu Tael that I gained enough confidence to really get back to my story, and this is what he told me:

“Sometimes, when it comes to writing, it isn’t necessarily a new plot idea, but the most appealing one.” ~Nu Tael

So while some may take this statement and turn it into a negative, as in its impossible to be original now days, I took it as a positive. I took it as the most appealing idea doesn’t always have to be the newest or most unique idea. When it comes to romance and the topic of love, it seems like there isn’t a new way to write about it. What is important is how you set it apart. The smallest thing can make the biggest difference in this genre. Every story has its own little twist, and it’s that little twist that makes all the difference. When it comes to love, the smallest thing can spark a connection. When it comes to romance, the setting can mean everything.

For all my romance readers out there, what is that unique little twist that appeals to you the most? What is it that makes you fall in love?

~Lyn C.


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