A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: Q – Quota

For NanoWrimo if you write 1667 words every day you will make 50k on the last day. During NanoWrimo I try to hold myself to write 2000 words a day. This is the quota I use. If only I could follow it during other months of the year. Something I have to work on.

Quotas are good so you can hold yourself to a certain standard every day. 1000 words a day would be around 30k at the end of a month and about 360k at the end of a year. With just 1000 words a day you could have the rough draft of a novella finished in between 1 – 2 months. A novel possibly 4 – 5 months. Unfortunately everyday life makes it hard to set quotas for our writing. Jobs, kids, friends, parents, school, siblings, pets, ice cream, housing, travel, traffic etc. But you should ask yourself if it is too hard to put aside an hour or two to get 1000 words of your story down? Maybe not in one sitting, but perhaps in intervals throughout the day?

Start off with small quota and as you get used to it increase the word count. Have a daily or a monthly quota. That way your tale won’t stagnate and be put off until another day. Another day becomes another and another till it becomes never. What type of word quota can you set for yourself? Or if you already have a quota what is it?

~ Nu Tael


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