A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: V – Variation

Happy Friday readers! Tonight’s post is more or less another discussion post, so please! Feel free to jump on in to the comments are share your thoughts and opinions! Today’s A to Z letter is “V” and I have the perfect word… Variation! Now, this word can apply to both readers and writers alike, so I want everyone to chime in here!

For readers and writers alike, we want and crave variation. As writer’s, we want variation in our stories and styles, and as readers we want to see variations in plots, characters and settings. As a reader, I’ve been looking for a greater variation in my romance genre. I love the sweet innocence of young adult romance, and I love the heat of erotic/adult romance. But sometimes it gets a little stale, especially when it comes to the adult/erotic romances. It seems that everyone wants to stick strictly to one idea.

What variations are you looking for in your reading and/or writing? Share your thoughts and comments in the space below!

~Lyn C.


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