A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: W – Website

Many of us will like to have our tales notice and receive the recognition they deserve some day. The vast amount of writers trying to pull this off at the same time makes it hard to stand out. Our tales may be unique but sometimes a little marketing can be very beneficial. If you’re one that does not have the time to visit schools, churches, your neighborhood tavern etc. Or you don’t have the money to employ a few literary promoters and marketers then a good source is a website.

While I do believe greater importance should be put into how you craft your tale, the presentation of it is vital. First impressions are vital and can be a make or break for people viewing your work. A book cover, a stylish emblem, the font used for the title and chapters, and even a website. A website could be your electronic marketer that helps you to get support from others. There are many things a website can do to help promote your work. How you stylize and create its look is one way. It sets the tone of your novel and can give people an idea what to expect from your tales. A horror novel of ghastly deeds? Have your website with a macabre look. Do you mostly like to write children’s stories? Then add a few cartoonish characters around the pages. Those of you who have great knowledge in website design and making will benefit the most from this. It does not mean that the rest of us cannot learn.

Aesthetics are great and if pleasing to the eye can make a viewer want to see more, but your website won’t last too long if there is nothing deeper beyond the skin. Tune your website to your voice and beliefs to further show viewers the type of work they can expect from your novels. Excerpts or short stories are the best ways to let people see just what your work is like and how it may evolve over time. You can also show more through things such as art or little games. Other things such as reviewing your favorite media or examining certain ideals in life can give people a better idea of who you are and what type of work they can expect.

Finally is to have consistency of maintenance with your website. Once the flash and glamour of making your internet page loses sparks, some find it hard to keep up. Many websites begin to stagnate only getting a few posts once a year… if any (I have fallen prey to this before). If you disappear your viewers may begin to lose faith and start moving on to another person. Once lost it may be hard to bring them back. It also loses out on newer viewers who may find your site through a friend who comes by.

Showcasing some of your talents and personality through a website can be beneficial for a writer if used correctly. It may be the birth of the next big thing. You never know who is looking for something new or who may just step by and view.

~ Nu Tael


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