A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A To Z Blogging Challenge: Y – You

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How many times have you seen and done something similar? Character profiles, sheets, and questionnaires. Many use these as ways of trying to figure out who our characters are and what makes them tick. What makes them so special to be in our stories? So many questions we ask our characters. Yet how many times do we ask ourselves the same questions. Who are you?

If you thought answering that question for your main protagonist was hard just think how difficult when put to you, but it is a question that needs to be asked. It is very easy to let the river of life carry you in whichever direction it fancies. Never really thinking just going with the flow. While this is not a bad thing it can lead to getting in situations that you do not enjoy but just put up with. Why settle for something like that? But we can’t know what we want or what will make us happy without soul searching. We are the main characters in our lives so we need to find some of these answers.

What do you like to do? What do you want to do (besides becoming that world famous awesome Mc Cool Writer Person)? What scares you? What gives you hope? What is important to you? To take control of our lives we must take control of ourselves. That can only be done by knowing who we are. For writing, this can make the process of creation faster if we know ourselves. Knowing the type of stories you can easily create and the ones that give you trouble. The characters that are difficult for you to write and how you can better yourself in writing and making them realistic to the reader. If you know what you are inclined to write about, you can play those tropes and themes straight and maximize their use or avert those plots in future works where your readers are expecting it. You can also come to know your own writing quirks that distinguish your work. Learning when to emphasize and underplay these quirks can be beneficial and keep your works from becoming an easily seen system by readers.

Asking yourself those tough questions that you ask your characters can make as much growth for yourself as it does for them.

Learn who you are.

~ Nu Tael


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