A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

Aae to Zee

In the beginning we started off Alone. Perhaps with only Books to give us comfort. As we grew older we began to meet the Challenges of life. Perhaps Defined in a role we began to Evolve past these chains to become more. Our eyes stared deep into the skies of our Future which built the Genre(s) we live in our life today. To write! To create! To communicate these amazing and unique ideas derived from our personas and lives. Yet this could not be done easily. We needed things to be able to do this. We needed tools. A ball point pen, a keyboard, a type writer. We needed a Home Base. A laboratory, a shop, a training field, a library, a room. A place where everything is set up to maximize our creative potential. We needed pictures, like from deviant art or photobucket, to help inspire us. We needed music from our media players such as iTunes, Xine or WMP.

Our strive for the top has made us experience many emotions. Happiness, sympathy, Jealousy, The rage of the Kill, the sadness of the life, the warmth of Love. From these emotions the Magic happens. These things may bring pain, but they also bring our abilities to create Novels and Novellas. To Overpower the adversity in our lives. Challenge the differing Point of Views of the world, and to hit the Quotas we set for ourselves in life. Sometimes there is failure, sadness, Regret and despair. The choices we must choose and Sacrifices we must undertake take their toll on our beings. It poisons our flesh, rattles our bones, drowns the neutrons of our brain. When this does happen sit back and clear you mind. Let your Thought Process rationalize the situations.

The world can be overbearing and want to destroy that creative spark through numbers, calculations and statistics. Do remember, you are a Unique being with a great Variation of creative talent just waiting to be unloaded. Like an awesome Website you have a multitude of links and media and cats jumping at red dots underneath the surface to be discovered and shown to the world. You… are You. Even if the world has Zapped your strength. Keep up the fight and pursue to the end. And when you reach the end look behind you and you will see just how much you have accomplished since the beginning.

~ Nu Tael


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