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“What Is Love?” ~ Romance In Literature: A New Mini Series

Happy Sunday fellow Ragged Writers!

Now I know you’ve all been wondering why we fell off the face of the earth for the past two months or so following the A to Z Blogging challenge, and I have those answers for you. After exerting ourselves for the challenge, Nu Tael and I needed some time off to take care of some other materials including our own reading and writing, and of course life!

What have I been up to? While I’ve been working and enjoying my day to day life. I have also been researching and discussing a topic that I find near and dear to my heart, the romance genre. For fun, I take part in a lot of beta reading for self-published/indie authors, and one of my favorite genres is the romance genre. While many readers like to jumble romance into one category, I split it up into a variety of different sub-genres. Which then brings me to the point of this post: “What is Love?”

I would like to introduce to you all my short mini-series “What is Love?” ~ Romance In Literature. This mini-series is going to concentrate on my definitions of the romance genre. Of course, I will be talking about the general definitions of the genre, but I want to split up the genre into the seperate sub-genres so readers can see that there is more to romance then simply innocence and erotic pleasures. Some topics I plan on discussing will include Young Adult Romance, New Adult Romance, and Erotic Romance, and anything else I can find in between!

My ultimate goal with this mini-series is to engage you, the readers. I want to hear from everyone what you think of the different romance genres. So you can either sit back and enjoy the posts to come, or you can jump on into the discussion and leave comments or even email me at the blogs email address!

~Lyn C.

photo credit: Ninha Morandini via photopin cc


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