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Within a few hours the ever-growing event known as Nanowrimo will begin. Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. It is a time when many writers get together and try to write a novel (well 50k of words) in a month. Those who manage to get to 50k  are awarded small prizes at the end. Prizes like discounts on writing software and publishing. Also there are other contests that start at the end of Nano, some specifically looking for Nano participants, whom can be entered for other prizes. It is varied and changes with each year. Although the major reason to enter is not for the prizes, but to test yourself. It is difficult task especially for those who are in school, but it is very possible to do.

One reason I like Nano is because it gets you to write. All throughout the year many of us writers don’t get as much writing done as we can. All types of things come up and we push our art to the side. Nano is the time where we make our art become the main character to our lives. You hectically try to keep your work time as equal to or more than other time dedicated to your day-to-day activities. Yet at the end of those 30 days you’ll see how much you can accomplish. If you can write a 50k rough draft in one month, just think of how much you could do with that same vigor all year around? Want to write a 200k+ Lord of the Rings / Song of Ice and Fire epic adventure? If you can do 50k in month you could probably have the rough draft done in six months.

Even if you don’t make 50k, you’ll probably be farther along in your novel than you were at the beginning of the month. At its essence I believe Nano is just to get writers to write and not get too bogged down on the initial rough draft. Get the rough draft skeleton down from start to finish and then you can nitpick, flesh out, and correct the story after. This year, both Lyn C. and I will be entering Nano. It’ll be tough and we may get cranky so cheer us on. We love the attention!

Even though this is last minute, I encourage all of you to join up to nano and give it a try. Push you’re writing speed and time management skills and see what beauty you can make. With a little pressure you just might make a diamond you didn’t know was in you.

~Nu Tael


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