Love is Over

This be the time for lover’s embraces and flowers and candy. Especially a treat this year since it is extended to a three day weekend. So it would be Valentine’s Weekend. Not bad for those celebrating. For those celebrating SAD (Single Awareness Day) you can use this time to create your own romance work. Perhaps you’re sad of being alone. Or maybe you’re happy of single freedom. Or it is just a ‘meh, no opinion’ day you can use these feelings to create a tale or short story. A tale of tragedy in the likes of Tristan and Iseult or Pyramus and Thisbe. Maybe something more sinister and disturbing along the lines of the movie Cruel Intentions or the book Lolita.

If sadness is not up your alley maybe this is the time for some wish fulfillment and happy endings. Maybe something along the lines of Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey (if that is your thing). Maybe after all of the trials and adversity they earn their happy ending like Memoirs of a Geisha. Or something funny like American Pie or This is 40. Even if you’re not into that you can still do other things based around the time love like write a blog about what people could do around valentine’s if they’re sin… hey wait a minute?..

The point is if you have the feelings, whether they are positive or negative, you can use them to spin a tale.

Get to it lovers.

~Nu Tael


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