A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: An Introduction ~ Welcome To Aberdeen Island

Aberdeen is an island not too far off the Amsterdam coast. While it may be close to shore, it’s a land out of site for the majority. In fact, only those of a special heritage know of it and it’s location and that heritage is that of demon descent.

The year is 2013 and the four dominant demon races have converged to discuss their place in the larger world. The Fairies, Vampires, Djinn, and Werewolves all believe they know exactly what role each race should play among the humans, though none seem to agree.

The meeting of the demon races takes place in the Night’s Tower. Once upon a time, the Night’s Tower resembled a small meeting hall, but as time moves forward, so do the tastes of the demons. The Night’s Tower now resembles an auditorium with enough seating for both the race representatives, but also for the general demonic community members. So take a seat and listen in as the hierarchy of the demon races begins to either come together, or fall apart.


Aria crossed her arms behind her back as she slowly scanned the auditorium and those who had already arrived for the meeting to be held in the Night’s Tower. By the looks of things, none of the other races had arrived, or at least hadn’t made it to the auditorium yet.

It was past sundown, so the Vampires gathering in the seats in the seats below looked quite alive, despite their pale, almost stone like appearances. The night brought out the best in their beauty, though that didn’t say much about their moods, especially when there were kept waiting.

Aria knew there were important things to be discussed, and while the Werewolves, Djinns, and the Faeries may not find the matter at hand important enough to constitute arriving on time, the Vampires, sure did. The human world was becoming more expansive, and therefore, it was getting harder for the Demons to continue flying under the radar. Tonight’s meeting of the Demons was to discuss the hierarchy of the Demons, or at the very least, to discuss who should play what role in the largely human world.

With a sign, Aria turned her back on those seated in the auditorium and turned her gaze to a dimmed window up in the rafters. The sun was all but gone, but the moon hadn’t quite found its place in the sky. Aria’s patients was already wearing thin, so hopefully the other representatives and community members would arrive soon so they could get this ball rolling.


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    • Thanks! We wanted to try something a little different this time around… We hope you stick around and give us more feedback as we continue on!

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