A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Ciera

Ciera couldn’t help but giggle a little as she watched a few of her fellow faeries walk amongst the trees gathering a few different materials. The time for the meeting of the creatures was drawing near, and while many were anxiously waiting for the meeting to begin, Ciera seemed to be in a world of her own.

She could hear a few of her people talking quietly, wondering what the plan of action was, and some even questioning her own role as representative. Most of her kind took on a more serious, almost regal tone when it came to living their day to day life, and even more so when it came to staking their place among their fellow demonic races. Ciera was different. She had a more bubbly personality, though that isn’t to be mistaken as nice. She acted kind, but behind her playful demeanor, she was really quite calculated.

Skylar, a lesser member of the Faerie folk, was talking in a small group. It wasn’t a secret that Skylar believed Ciera incompetent to handle a meeting of this magnitude, but they didn’t have a say. She was their leader, and they must respect it.

“The Faerie need to be represented by someone who will take the matter seriously…” he whispered to his group of listeners.

Of course Skylar believed Ciera to be in her own little world, but in fact, she heard every word. A small grin spread across her face, and she turned and made her way over to him.

“Do you doubt my abilities as leader of the Fae my dear Skylar?”

The grin on  Ciera’s face was not a playful one, and the color in Skylar’s face drained ever so slightly. To claim that the leader of the Fae was incompetent was not taken lightly, and Ciera loved to watch those beneath her squirm when she addressed the “rumors.”

“My lady…” The stutter in Skyler’s voice was more than obvious. “I do not doubt your abilities as the leader of our race… I’m only concerned is all…” his voice trailed off as he turned his gaze from Ciera to the ground.

While Ciera knew that wasn’t the case, she decided to let the issue rest for the moment. While Skyler’s comment was nothing more than a cover, it was clear that many that had traveled to witness the meeting were worried about it’s outcome.

“My fellow Faeries, please, come sit with me.” While there were times to play, this was not one of them. “Tonight’s meeting is indeed one of great importance. While the matter of the humans is an important one, the one we are all worried about is this idea of a demon hierarchy!”

The Fae were an immortal race, one that took a lot of pride in the idea of hierarchies. There should be a leader, someone in charge, and they believed that their race was the supreme one, the one right to rule over the rest of the demons.

“Rest assured, while we may have to deal with the cocky vampires, dirty werewolves and the obnoxious Djinn… we will not back down! If there was any race created to rule the demons, it was the Faeries! Where the other races lack, we are supreme! Tonight’s meeting will not end in defeat for the Fae, that I can assure you!”

While there were a handful of doubtful looks, it seemed as if Ciera’s little speech gave a few of her followers a bit more confidence. Ciera wasn’t about to let the other good-for-nothing demons put her or the Faeries down. This game was going to be one of cunning, and Ciera knew she could play it well.


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