A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Deception

Deception. A key to life. Deception by looks and charms, love and hate. To deceive nations, enemies, friends, family, lovers, and ourselves. We deceive or are deceived. It is a law of nature.

It is one of the reasons why a young child stands before her savior. A young girl frail, wet and scared. Her legs and arms a buffet for leeches from when she fell into a small mire. She could not stop though. The wolf would get her. It would eat her. Fortunately she was saved by a savior from heaven. Her eyes take in the form.

A muscular man who looks to be made out of magma. On his back looks to be weird wing-like things, but wings nonetheless in the girl’s mind. Nothing else could be discerned except for red eyes that glow more vibrant than the rest of its form. The being sits on a log with palm clamping down on the muzzle of the beast that almost ate her. Her eyes stare in awe, wonder and happiness. Something so spectacular happening must be from the heavens. “An angel…” she says at an uncertain volume. The tone kids take when they want to be heard, but are afraid of being wrong.

Just as Efrit wants it. It amuses him how human beings can so easily be misled. Djinns don’t have wings, but some may be born with extra limbs that when adjusted can look like wings. Yet they always take it as wings. The crimson eyes stare into the girl’s pupils.

What is your name?

My name is Nina…

“Nina. Close your eyes.” Efrit says to the child’s surprise. Her mind wondering how this being knew her name before she could say anything, but does as she is told. The molten figure then turns towards the werewolf he has at the muzzle. The four-legged demon struggles it’s best to escape, but to no avail. The djinn’s fingers has burned through its snout and interlock within its maw. The burning does not stop there. The fur slowly ignites like a match to gasoline. The canine struggles to pull away, making yelps and yips. Wanting to shriek with all its vocal chords, but to no avail. With one hand Efrit keeps it in place and with one hand the body burns. It is a quick but rather grotesque process. First the fur and top layer of skin ablaze till the pink flesh can be seen below. Then the flesh melts like butter in a microwave till there is nothing but bones. The bones blacken to the color of night and become dust into the night. All within half of a minute. No smoke to tip anyone off of what happened. Efrit has inhaled all of it into his being.

“Nina…” the djinn says which makes the young girl open her eyes. The same arm that killed the wolf extends before him beckoning the girl. “…step forward.”. The girl stares at the being unsure of what to do. A part of her wants to step forward, yet another part wants to stay away.

“Do not fear god.” Efrit commands. This reassurance is all the girl needs to slowly walk forwards. The molten palm cups her face. A warm and relaxing feeling flows through Nina’s body. Comforting like her mother’s caress. Her wet body dries and four leeches fall off. Their slimy forms becoming ash before they can hit the ground. The djinn then points in a direction. In that direction little balls of light illuminates the way. “Follow the lights to get home Nina. You are blessed.”.

The girl nods, turns around and runs, following the luminous orbs. The djinn also turns away to see another member of his race. This one looking human aside from a deep blue skin color. “That was the last one. Is this ok? Nine days is the meeting for demon hierarchy. Should such actions be taken before hand?” the blue djinn questions. Efrit just nods and his head turns away.

“Yes. As long as no one can find the bodies nothing can be proven. Did you turn them to ash?”

“Yes. The group was then fed to unknowing djinn. The stragglers who thought they got away we scattered their ashes to the wind and sea. Although… why did you want to preserve that body? Especially since you cut the head off. What are you planning?”

“Nothing. I just like to have pieces set up in case of use.” Efrit states as he raises his palm. Falling out of the center of the molten hand a steel dog tag. The name on it ‘Dysnom’. A name the crimson demon knows well. He puts the chain on the blue demon’s chest, where it is absorbed into their being. “Hold on to that for now.”.
“I don’t understand…” the blue djinn says with a frustrating tone. The crimson demon just walks ahead his form at the edge of a cliff and eyes staring at the full moon in the night sky.

“In the past humans… those apes… prayed to many gods in all parts of the world. Zeus, Odin, Ra, Nergal and so many others. We have guided their evolution and beliefs.” the molten demon begins staring back at his fellow djinn. “What of the other demon races? Vampires and werewolves? Flying rats and mongrels that pretend to be apes. Faeries? Dirt eaters. None of them have the capacity to rule the other. We have been the gods to humans. We will be the gods to demons as well. All you need to understand is that all I do is for the Djinn.”.

The blue demon nods unsure, but believes in what is said. Just as Efrit wants it. Deception. The law he believes in.


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