A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Eternity

Eternity was a long time to be kept waiting. Immortal or not, Aria didn’t like to be kept waiting. Her and the other Vampires were growing tired of waiting on the other demon’s arrival and the group was growing restless.

“Are we expected to wait on these mongrels forever?” one of the pale figures yelled.

The Vampire’s voices echoed through the auditorium, which wasn’t surprising considering it was only one-forth full. The Night’s Tower was built to hold close four hundred individuals; more than enough room for each of the demon races to be equally represented.

As the hall began to echo with more voices joining the first, Aria deiced to take her place center stage where the four race representatives would be seated.

“Patients everyone.” Aria waited until the Vampires began to settle before she continued. “This is only a moment in the grand scheme of things.”

“We’ve all been summoned to disuses which race should reign over the rest, and yet we are left waiting an eternity for the rest to arrive,” growled another.

“It’s only more evidence in our favor!” Aria called out. Granted, there was no set time for the meeting to begin, but being the first to arrive would only work in their favor. “We have proven time and time again that we are the superior race.”

With that, the room erupted into argument. The Vampires knew  they were  the superior race, but then again, the other races all believed they were the superior one. As feisty as the Vampires were, this was only the beginning. The other demons should be arriving soon, and that is when all the fun should begin…


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