A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Good Tidings

“Good tidings all!”

Ciera had a wide grin on her face as she made sure all knew of her arrival. Of course, she was followed by two male faeries, her guards, and soon after the rest of her people.

It looked like the races were all finding their way into the auditorium. Ciera noticed Aria, the head of the Vampires already seated at the table for the representatives as she took her own seat. Not long after both Miranda of the Werewolves and Efrit of the Dijnn took their own seats.

“Quite the turnout, wouldn’t you all agree,” said Ciera as she eyed those taking their seats in the auditorium. It looked as if the races would each be equally represented not only by their leaders, and or officials, but also by their members in the audience.

While the leaders of the races did the majority of the discussing and the decision making, it wasn’t uncommon for the members in the audience to chime in when they didn’t agree or wanted a matter discussed. The meetings of the races happened so rarely that it was always a big event, but it seemed to Ciera as if this meeting was one of the largest in a while. The building looked as if it was ready to burst with the number of demons who had arrived. As Miranda mentioned upgrading the auditorium, Ciera couldn’t help but grin back at the wolf-pack leader.

“You know, I agree with Miranda,” she turned her gaze from the general audience to the leader of the Wolves. “A bit of an upgrade would be nice for this place…”

While Ciera contemplated a few things she would like to see changed in the Night’s Tower, Aria decided to get the ball rolling on this meeting. It was clear to the vampire that things were tense amonst not only the leaders but the general audience, and it was only going to get worse.

“Yes… A matter for a later date Miranda…” Aria said in a bit of a hushed tone. The auditorium was still a buzz of voices, all talking amonst themselves, and even though the hall was filled over capacity, it still seemed as if the voices echoed off each other.

With a few claps of her hand, Aria stood in hopes of catching the attention of her fellow leaders and of the audience. The sound echoed through the hall, catching the attention of some; the rest would quite down momentarily.

“This meeting has been called to address the issue of the demons and the humans living side by side.” While it was true that the meeting was called for this reason, it was clear on all the leaders faces that it wasn’t the issue really at hand.

It wasn’t too long ago that the demons could easily live amonst the humans, though as their populations seemed to double and triple on a daily basis, it was getting harder for the demons to continue flying under the radar. Aria was sure that each of the rulers believed that a hierarchy was in order, but it would be interesting to see which of the races would be the first to bring it up.

“We need to focus on how we will remain unnoticed by the humans. If things keep moving as they are, we will soon find ourselves the prey end of the hunt.”

Aria then took her seat and looked to each of the race representatives. While Ciera and Miranda both shared a smile of some sort, Aria remained stoic as she waited for one of her fellow demons to speak their peace.


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