A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Hierarchy

Hierarchy is another natural law in this world. In the food chain you have many animals that are eaten and the animals that stand atop the chain. Humans have made a hierarchy within their own race. Third world and first world, race, gender, status. It is a wonder why demons never developed their own pecking order. Yet Efrit has an idea why that is. Unlike other animals on earth, demons do not necessarily prey on each other. They are all apex predators in different parts of the world hunting at different times. Fighting between them tends to occur because of territorial or individual personal reasons. Not as a basis for survival. Also a worst case scenario could leave a race completely extinct. None in the past have been willing to go to that length. But Efrit…

“We only find ourselves in this situation now due to you demon rulers not able to control your races.” Efrit says. His crimson pupils shifting between the other sovereigns before turning to woman with dark blue skin. The woman then stands, her hair shaved short one side revealing an icy blue eye. The other side covered over hiding her eye and the rest of her head. Her lip and nose have a gold ring piercing and around her neck is a gold choker. “Jann speak.” the crimson eye djinn states.

“2012 May. A vampire decided to attack a homeless man in broad daylight. Lost in blood lust he proceeded to eat this man’s face. Known by humans as ‘Miami Zombie’ it had to be cleaned up to make it look like drugs were involved. 2012 July. A mass shooting happens at a midnight screening of a popular movie in Colorado. Twelve people killed. Seventy others injured. To humans it has been the deadliest shooting in that state since 1999. The reality was a werewolf who unintentionally transformed that night. A more difficult incident to clean up. Not to mention the disappearances that continue to happen in Madagascar. So much so that people say there is a ‘Monster of Madagascar’. All this done by the faerie, Spinel. Also known as the ‘Child Eater’.” the sapphire colored djinn says aloud for the entire assembly to hear. Her icy pupils stare over to the back of the assembly. Within the shadows sitting legs crossed and a hand holding up her head. Eyes closed but a small grin is Spinel. No words to say in response, but just humming a small tune to herself.

Turning back towards the four rulers she sits down. “Our position now is because of all of you not able to exert control. This is not a problem for us djinn.” Efrit further says. For law there needs to be a hierarchy and the one at the top of hierarchy needs to have control over all others. The djinn have had no problem with controlling humans. It is demons that serve to be an annoyance. But a minuscule one.

“Well djinn have had the least frequent and negative ‘interactions’ in the human world. But while infrequent it does happen. Don’t think your race is clean from this Efrit.” Miranda says, her eyes glimmering an arctic blue that makes Jann’s color look warm in comparison. The old woman continues. “Let’s not forget that nuclear disaster in Fukushima. That fallout in Japan needed all four races to clean it up. Djinn seem to be the most explosive and intense when it comes to ‘slip ups’.”

Efrit’s burning gaze turns towards Miranda. As he thought. An annoyance.


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