A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Ideally 

Ideally, the hierarchy discussion would have been put on a shelve and dealt with at another time, or at least shelved until later in the discussion, but as it would seem, the “all knowing” Djinn wanted to bring the issue to a head immediately, and there was no turning back.

Aria simply watched as Efrit began to make his case against the other demons. While listening to Jann’s accusations, Aria leaned her elbows on the round table and placed her chin in her hands. All of the leaders were well aware of the situations that the Djinn were accusing them of. Yes, every once in a while a member of any given race lashed out or lost control. It was in their nature after all… they were demons, creatures of demonic blood. They never claimed to be angels in hiding…

It was then that Miranda spoke up. While the events in Florida, Colorado and Madagascar were all true, Miranda had a point. It was true, the events listed were all minor in comparison to the Fukushima disaster. “Miranda brings up a very valid point…” Aria said as she trailed her eyes from Miranda to Ceira, then finally rested on Efrit.

“While the Vampires, Werewolves, and yes, even the Fae have some minor slip ups every once in a while…” Ceira began, “The Djinn are not the gods you pretend to be. The Fukushima disaster is effecting more than the island of Japan, now reaching as far as the United States, not to mention the wildlife that the humans are so gung-ho about…”

The Djinn, while still demonic in nature, always believed themselves to be godly in comparison to the other races; and while the Vampires, Fae, and the Werewolves embraced their demonic blood, the Djinn believed that they were every holy power that the humans could come up with.

In an ideal world, each race would be able to keep to their own territory, but as the humans continue to flourish and expand their world, the demons needed to expand themselves. Vampires and Werewolves needed their blood, and or meat. The Faeries needed their life sources, and the Djinn needed their bones and ash. As the humans spread, so would the demons, and poof, there goes their ideal world.

Aria turned her gaze from Efrit to Ceira, and turned back to the Djinn representative.

“We are all guilty of breaking terms that were set before us in previous years. And I do agree, a hierarchy may be in order… but what gives the Djinn the right to lead us all. Just because the humans may believe in your false godly figures, doesn’t give you the right to lead those who embrace their demonic roots…”


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