A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Judge

Judge the djinn if need be…” Efrit begins, but is then cut off by Miranda.

Judge we need to. It is true djinn have the least amount of incidents that could have compromised the demon world being found out, but when you have incidents they tend to be on a magnitude of city wide effects. After all wasn’t Pompeii the same?”, the old wolf states. Efrit’s pupils turn between the wolf and the vampire, his brain returning to the incident in Japan.

That had been a mistake caused by a djinni who was foolishly tricked by a human. The djinni was also part of a continuous experiment the Efrit had been working on. Valuable work was lost because of that individual. The crimson demon is patient but hates to redo things. Especially things that could have been so easily avoided. Distancing themselves from humans and being their judge is preferable because when trying to be equal it leads to incidents like Fukushima.

Returning from past events in his brain the crimson eye sovereign replies. “No. Pompeii wasn’t a mistake. It was purposely done by many djinn to give humans what they wanted.” His words earn a surprised look from Miranda and many throughout the tower, including many djinn. Not explaining any further the demon’s hot gaze turns towards Aria.

“You say false godly figures? The human concept of ‘god’ was created by djinn. More than any of you other races we have cultivated, pruned, and controlled the growth of the apes much like they farm their chickens and cows. The hope and despair of god and supernatural things by god is what has spurred their evolution. To further this we have influenced their breeding and innovations and refining them into delicacies you eat. What have any of you done besides eat what we have cultivated? I’d go so far as saying faeries, vampires and werewolves are thieves stealing from our human farm.”.

His words causes murmurs and whispers among the attendants. Efrit does not care much what the crowd thinks of him. He is the inferno and anyone not treading carefully will get burned. “We should have the right to lead and judge other races just as we cast judgment on humans through their perceptions of us as gods. We are the ones who have caused enlightenment and innovation in humanity and we can surely do the same to the rest of you. While the rest of you have tried to assimilate with the apes we have stood above and controlled them since the beginning.” Efrit tells his audience, his voice ringing throughout the chamber that dulls all murmurs into silence.

“Efrit. You’re such a cheeky one. One of the youngest and one of the oldest.” Miranda replies with small smile that bites away at the silence.

“Just as you’re the oldest youngest.” the demon retorts which gets a small cackle from the old wolf.

The ice sapphire eyes stare at the djinn with a small warm smile towards him. “You do have a point God of Man. Judgment of Humanity.” The words roll off her lips that makes the djinn slightly squint at her. He doesn’t like the tone of the old woman’s voice. As if patronizing him. She continues to speak. “It must be very irksome to be judge and jury of humanity then come to this tower where you’re dropped down to equal. Is that why djinn don’t attend these meetings?”. Through squinted eyes the crimson gaze rises in temperature, but Miranda is complete fine in the heat.

“It’s not that I don’t believe your good intentions in all of this, but as a child I remember all these stories about gods having devils in them too.  I mean since your race created them, you should know them… right Morning Star? We wolves won’t be the lambs on your human farm.” Miranda states her words becoming sterner the longer she speaks. She then sits back keeping an eye on the djinn. Her eye being the judge to his being.


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