A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Killing

Killing and eating the humans is all we do…” said Aria in a bit of a drawl. She wasn’t really in the mood to play games withEfrit, but he could not seriously be sitting here claimingto be the god that created all life on earth, namely the humans… Sure, maybe they liked to play with the minds of the little humans by filling their brains with silly stories to make their lives more fulfilling, but that doesn’t mean that they have the right to claim ownership over the demons…“Well, if that be your argument, how do you explain the Faeries interactions with the humans?” she asked Efrit. “They do not make regular meals of the humans, with the exception of maybe a few.”

Ceria simply watched for a moment as the other three made their comments back and forth. It was rather interesting to watch Miranda play the sweet old lady role, though none of the race representatives would be dumb enough to believe that the old dog was someone to underestimate.

Efrit was not about to back down from his stance, and it made Ciera wonder just where the Djinn representative was heading with his argument.

While the Djinn did play a role in shaping the minds of the humans, so did the other creatures. The faeries, in fact, took quite a lot of pride in being able to manipulate the minds of the humans. Where the Djinn played with the ideas of God and Godly figures, the faeries played with their fantasies.

It was impossible to keep the humans from knowing of the demon world, especially with their ever growing sciences and technologies. But it was the faeries that faced the humans in their world and helped to feed their stories to make them into the dramatic fantasies that they are today.

The faeries were the masters of storytelling, and while the Djinn may claim responsibilities for the human’s ability to rationalize, it was the faeries that fed the human’s their fantasies about the races. How else would they come up with the Hollywood trends such as Trueblood, Twilight and the likes?  Vampires were not sex crazed mongrels, werewolves weren’t bodybuilding hotties (at least not all of them…) and faeries were not happy sunshine eating individuals that protect all things wonderful…

“Aria brings up a good point there,” replied Ceria with a bit of a sing-song voice. While Efrit wanted to play the mean, scary card, Ceria kept her sweet little smile on her face. “Most of us feed off of nature’s bounty, not off the humans you choose to ‘farm’.” Ceria motioned air quotes as she said her last word.

“And please… correct me if I’m wrong, but do your people not kill and feed off the humans that you so cleverly cultivated? Or do you simply feed off the ash and bone of other demons?”

The accusation caused another rupture of murmurs to break lose amongst the audience members. Her smile slowly turned to a slightly darker grin as she rested her gaze on Efrit for a moment before looking to the others for their say on the matter.


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