A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Lucifer

Lucifer. The shinning one or light bringer. The devil that tempts man through all sorts of means, including deception, to have them turn away from god. It would be centuries before Miranda was born when that label was given to Efrit. She wonders what the djinn had done to earn that title. More importantly did he put the title and name into human minds and allow it to spread or did humans see him and he stuck with the moniker? Did he purposely create the devil in some religions or was he just taking on a title? Did humans see Efrit’s personality and being and created the devil from it or did Efrit base his persona on their concept of the devil and ran with it?

The old wolf wonders if such a terrifying title to humans goes to his head and he believes the same when it comes to other demons. At the same time if he is so egotistical he would parade that title around like a flag. Yet as long as the elderly woman has known and read up on this djinn he’s never once referred to himself as so. No sovereign here plays with an open hand. They all have their secrets and veil them. Behind Ciera’s singing voice, behind Aria’s dryness and detachment from the others. They all keep things hidden.

“Enlightenment and Romanticism. The djinn for science and the brain and the faeries for art and the heart. I have to say I’m happy for both of your endeavors towards humanity. I love to read Mary Shelly on my tablet. Although I will say while all these technological revolutions have been nice they have also put all of us in jeopardy. Human technology is coming to a point where it can kill us. Control your farm or we will take control of it from you.” Miranda says sternly, not a bit of kindness in her tone.

With that said the old woman feels they need to put the spotlight on someone else. They are falling into Efrit’s pace, whatever that may be, and not a good thing. It won’t be easy. Lucifer does love attention.

“Our cultivation of the apes are for the benefits of djinn. This helps keep the djinn in check from feeding on the rest of you. As Ciera said, we djinn feed on ash and bones. That can be anything from trees to vampires. Once it burns it can be eaten. After that it just depends what is tastier. This cultivation has been indirectly in part to stop violence between my race and the rest of yours. You’re welcome. But enough on that. What are the rest of your reasons?” Efrit states leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes. His ears open to listen to the other leaders.

Miranda does not expect this. The crimson representative relents and draws back. “What are you planning….” the old woman thinks to herself. Humans say Lucifer is the king of deception. While it is enticing to poke more into the djinn machinations, for now it is better to let sleeping devils lie. There are two other rulers around the table, two other predators. Focusing too much on one could mean to be killed by another you do not see.

“Aria and Ciera. I’m sure you perpetual creatures have a unique perspective on this that the rest of us transient beings do not see.” Miranda says her eyes falling upon the fairy and the vampire. Maybe the old wolf will play the role of devil for now.


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