A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Mourning

Mourning – A time where individuals grieve over the ones they’ve lost, or who have been lost to them in some manner or another. Mourning is a period that many demons either come into this world knowing very little of, or in the case of those that have once lived as a human, lose connection with as they learn to live as the demons they have become.

While the majority of the demons phase out the concept of mourning, that doesn’t mean that their lost are forgotten. Efrit claims that their cultivation of the humans is to stop violence between his race and the rest… and yet that didn’t mean that the Djinn, nor the other races, were innocent of killing and or hunting one another.

“For centuries there have been rivalries amongst the demon races… that much we all know,” Aria began, but as Miranda began playing the devil’s advocate, she couldn’t help but wonder what the old dog was up to. “As much as dear Efrit here would like to believe that his farm of humans is to keep the peace, we all know that there is very little peace between us.”

A small murmur broke out amongst the crowd as Aria leaned back into her own chair. Surely they were each discussing the thought of peace amongst the races. For centuries, there have been rivalries amongst the demons. The original rivalries began with the Djinn against the Faeries, and the Vampires against the Werewolves.

Sure, throughout the years there have been some treaties created, some of the demons have come together to put down mutual enemies… but as time moved forward, the unease between them all continued to grow. Occasionally a vampire will be found left in a pile of ashes, or a wolf and/or faerie will be left handing by their ankles, their blood drained from their bodies. Just as humans tend to go missing, so do those of the demon races and by the looks on those in the audience, Ciera knew that Aria’s comment had hit a cord with most.

“We’ve all experienced loss and mourning on some level or another Aria… What is your point?” Ciera asked.

“The point is that Efrit, and even Miranda over here can’t deny that we are all guilty of slaying a few of our own for whatever reason… To play this idea that the Djinn are almighty and can do no wrong is just silly…” Aria knew that attacking just Efrit and his kind would get them nowhere, but the point needed to be made that they all had their faults. If this idea of building a demonic hierarchy was to be taken serious, there needed to be more action…

“My dear Aria… Sure the Djinn may be guilty of feeding off each of us… But let us not forget the Fae who were left strung up not too long ago…” Ciera mentioned. Yes, she had a bubbly smile on her face, but if it was alright to attack one, it was alright to attack another.

The Fae and the Vampires had their own debacles as of late… both were finding that the other had a mean poker face. They were both very calm and cool in situations such as these meetings, but it was becoming more and more clear that the both were very calculated. The Werewolves and Djinn were very outwardly aggressive in their movements, which was plain to see by Efrit’s declarations and Miranda’s devil’s advocate card… but it would seem as if Aria and Ciera were waiting for just the right moments to strike.


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