A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Night Terrors

Night terrors and nightmares are dreadful dreams that happen to humans. But they also happen to demons. Especially humans turned demons. Miranda suspects that this is because from a human’s point of view, they are the apex predators of the world. The most dangerous creature to man is man from their perspective. The demon world is different. While there are battles between wolf and wolf, vampire and vampire, faerie and faerie, djinn and djinn…. the races know who their enemies towards extinction are. The others. As far as humanity is concerned their greatest threat to extinction is themselves. In the demon world it is every other race. Because no race is the undisputed apex predator many have the mentality of ‘us’ and ‘them’.

And who could blame any of the demon races? In Miranda’s time alive she’s seen beings melted to bone. Creatures turned to ash in seconds. Demons drained of blood till they look like shriveled up raisins. Souls hanged, lynched and skinned alive. Others eaten alive, ripped apart, or having their bones crushed. One of the most chilling things the old wolf has seen is from the faerie, Spinel, who learned to change humans from flesh into roots, vines and dirt. Beings becoming plants and vegetation. Thus the Monster of Madagascar keeps a garden of trees that grows human faced fruit. All faces in anguish and despair.

Miranda being born a demon has shrugged off a lot of the things she has seen. The worse she’s gotten are nightmares. Dysnom though… he had night terrors every other night during his first year as a demon. Which is not uncommon to humans who become demons their first year. It is one of the reasons why those changed have a low survival rate the first year.

The elder sovereign continues to watch the queens of night and day speak. Her eyes turn to Efrit quickly to see his reaction. The djinn’s ears wiggle slightly but he remains quiet listening. The sapphire eye woman agrees with Aria. While werewolves and vampires have the longest history, djinn started becoming an aggressive contender. One reason the lady of wolves thinks this is occuring is because djinn and wolves can eat nearly anything. Where faeries and vampires and specialized, djinn and wolves are generalized. Out of all four races wolves are the most voracious, eating any man, beast, child or demon in their way. At a time wolves were known as the ‘Night Terrors’ till changes were made in the structure and regulations a few centuries back.

“In terms of kill count and casualties I’d have to say we werewolves are the biggest perpetrators. We have killed and lost many… Night queen, it sounds like you’re suggesting the race with the least amount of blood on their hands should lead. That would put the Faeries as the leaders among the races and Ciera the leader among us. Is that what you’re going for?” Miranda questions. With Efrit staying silent the old woman is curious as to what the vampire is thinking.


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