A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Omens

Omens are predictions or signs of things to come. Whether it is good or bad, an omen is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Yes, it seemed as if Aria had made her point that all the races were deadly, but she didn’t expect Miranda to suggest that the least deadly of the races should rule over them all. The old dog was up to something, Aria just still wasn’t sure what.

“I wasn’t suggesting that Miranda, simply making it clear that we are all guilty of killing one another,” she stated simply. “It would seem like a bad omen to place the least deadly of the races to reign over us all. It would be like putting a bull’s eye on their back.”

Aria smirked slightly as she took a moment to imagine the childish antics of the faerie ruler. Having her as the ruler of all demons could go one of two ways in Aria’s eyes. Either Ciera would declare war on them all, or Ciera could easily be taken over by any one of the other demons.

“Well are you then suggesting that we allow the most deadly of the races to rule?” asked Ciera. She knew that the other demon leaders tended to see her as the most immature of the group, but they also knew that the faeries were some of the most conniving, and deadly races when need be.

“I must say… I don’t think Miranda would last very long as leader of demons… She’s getting a little old after all….” she said as she looked towards the eldest looking of them all. While the werewolves may be one of the deadliest of the races, they are also the most susceptible to death, whether it be of old age, or murder.

Aria simply rolled her eyes as Ciera went on with her little jokes. “If age was going to play a role into the hierarchy, then the immortal beings would stand a better chance at ruling… in the off chance that this hierarchy would bring peace to the demon races, having an immortal being at the head of the lot would make the most logical sense.”

Aria was simply stating facts at this point, though she did believe that age played an interesting role in this little debate. While the Faeries and the Vampires were the only true immortals, she made it pretty clear that Ciera wasn’t fit to run the demons. But in the same breath, she also made it abundantly clear that the Djinn weren’t fit to rule either. That would automatically mean that her and the Vampires should rightfully rule, though she knew there were plenty opposed to the idea.


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