A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Power

Power is the thing needed to rule. It is one aspect of nature that all are bound to. Might makes right. Those with power make the rules and control the game of life. When Miranda was a child this law of nature was made clear to her. The power to protect. The power to punish. Power is everything. But what is this power? The old canine listens to the night queen. The vampiric tongue stating why the faeries and Miranda should not be candidates.

“Hmm. Faeries are too docile. Djinn too destructive and I too old. That would leave the noble vampires then. So what are your qualities that make you able to lead the rest of demons? Aren’t most of you unable to come out during the day? It makes ruling a little hard if you’re only around during the night shift. Although I must say aging is not such a bad thing. After all look how far humans have progressed in such a small time despite such small longevity.” Miranda begins cupping her palms together with the blue pupils swaying over to Aria.

“The thing about the ageless is the sense of time. Do you feel any urgency in doing things if you know you have over a hundred years to do it? The immortal mentality is that you’ll always be around to keep things in check. To always maintain control of everything and have it go your way. Sort of like a child with their toys. That’s the wonderful thing with age. Because you know your time is limited everything needs to be done and set in place before you time is up. I may not be around for much longer in this world, but I know the wolves will be as strong as ever even after I am gone. Can any of you say the same?” Miranda continues.

These words make Dysnom’s face grow into a grin. There will come a time for a new leader among the wolves, but they would be prepared. Perhaps more than any of the previous alpha leaders, Miranda prepared successors and the maintenance of the packs and there place in the world. For the amber eye wolf doesn’t know of her plans. He only knows what Styks tells him. From those conversations it seems the elder wolf has been planning for things after her demise for the last forty years taking the assumption that she would die the next day. He rarely sees eye to eye with Miranda, but Dysnom has to give her credit. If any leader could have influence from beyond the grave for a long period it would be her. His grin shows off his fangs as he listens to his monarch speak.

“Also while I’m sure immortality is lovely for an individual it doesn’t promote much change for a collective. How is it that humans who are frail and constantly dying, losing their best leaders, able to catch up to us longer lasting beings? Beings that can’t even reach a century of age managed to hit a point where we need to worry. Where is this power born from? They change. They evolve to new environments and changing circumstances as a species. Like a river they are constantly flowing. Even if it is within the cultivation of a farm.” the old woman says her eyes glancing over to Efrit. The djinni’s ears twitch but his eyes remain closed as he listens. Miranda turns back towards Aria.

“Evolution is also spurred by death. And while one human individual could never match even the weakest of our race as a collective they are reaching our power. There is power in knowing one’s time is limited due to age. I don’t suppose vampires or faeries understand that power. But old women like myself does like to hear good reasons. So I’ll say ask again. What makes vampires fit to lead? And I hope you have more than just immortality and nice suits.” the old woman says with a small chuckle. Her lips form a caring smile and her pupils stare into the eyes of Aria.

The perception of what is power is what differentiates them. Sitting at this table the elder sovereign believes that the other leaders see power within everlasting. But things that are unchanging only promote stagnation after a while. For the old woman the ability for a race to gain true power lies within….


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