A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Questions

Questions on top of questions…. Miranda asked too many questions.The old dog sure could dish them out, but she seemed to avoid answering many.

“Sure… The vampires may only roam at night. But is the ability to walk the daytime the main criteria to rule the demons? The creatures of the night?”

Aria emphasizes “night” for a reason. The demons where primarily creatures of the night. Sure, many of them had the abilities to walk the streets during the day… but that was simply a technicality. Aria then turned her attention to Efrit.

“Answer me this… If your kind are the herders of the humans, what is the reason the humans walk during the day and sleep at night?”

She then turned her attention to Ciera.

“And correct me if I’m wrong Ciera, but isn’t your race responsible for creating the illusion that the demons are creatures born of their nightmares?”

Yes… Aria’s questions were all technicalities at this point, but it was proof enough that Miranda’s daylight remark was pointless.

Ciera believed that Miranda may have a few small points when it came to her little speech, though how much could a mortal know about the mentalities of an individual who had the abilities to live forever? While that question piqued Ciera’s attention it was another statement from the old dog that stuck with her…

How could the humans have evolved to the point where the demons needed to worry? While Aria continued on her rant, Ciera simply eyed Efrit. If the djinn were the ones who molded the minds of the humans…. then wouldn’t that mean that the djinn were the ones in charge of keeping their herd in check? While the Fae kept the humans in denial of the reality of the demon world…

“Wouldn’t the djinn be responsible for keeping their herd from developing the necessary threats needed to cause any real harm to the demon races?” She asked only slightly aware of the fact that she asked the question aloud as she looked to each of the demon leaders in turn, finally resting on Efrit once again.


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