A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Reality

Reality is what separates all of them. An ant’s reality is all it knows and cannot comprehend the reality of humans around it. Likewise humans cannot comprehend the reality of demons. Nor should they ever be able to. Further up on the list would be the rest of the demons compared to the djinn. They cannot comprehend the reality of the djinn. Nor should they ever be able to. This is what Efrit feels as his ears pick up the questions of both Aria and Ciera.

Like a flame near extinguished with only a flicker of embers, the once volatile and aggressive personality is calm and passive. The crimson eyes do not open but stay closed as if the djinni’s thoughts are equal to the weight of the world. He is like an animated version of the thinking man. A few seconds of silence pass before the demonic being speaks. “Yes Ciera. That is our responsibility. Ours alone and none will take it…” The demon says his face slightly turning towards Miranda. “…and we can do it well as long as you keep your races in check. Partially it is your interventions in the human reality without cleaning up your messes that breeds their nature to ascend. Humans rarely want to fight gods, but other beings becomes a challenge to overcome. Either way we will take care of the human problem as long as the rest of you don’t disrupt things. Things are as they should….”.

Miranda’s ears flicker at the last part. There was something amiss. The old woman cannot put her finger on it nor is she given the chance as Efrit’s voice turns its attention to the vampire ruler. “The reason we melded human’s reality to fear the night and sleep at night is due to predation. The darkness obscures and hides things. For djinn, we can be the hunter they cannot see or the savior that guides them back to their home. They then tell others about this mystical event and mythical being. Repeat enough times and these mystical events become miracles. Mythical beings become gods. Within the darkness is the abyss of nothingness. And in that nothingness is the djinn’s light that creates their reality.”.

“Well that’s not fully true.” Miranda responds. The djinni’s ears perk but he remains in his statue like position. “There was a time when humans feared the dark, but not so much these days. Some of their cultures always have a large amount awake. Look at the city that never sleeps. Their cities adorn lights that never go off. Artificial light that surpass the stars in the night sky and challenge daylight. The reality of the past is not the same as the present. Nor will it be the same in the future.” the old wolf states her face towards Efrit. Her mind wondering what is the reality that the dinni is seeing.


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