A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Secrets

Secrets were common place amongst the demons. There wasn’t a single one of them that wasn’t guilty of holding at least one. Ciera was curious as to what it was that Efrit was hiding. The Djinn representative became very calm and docile, almost stone-like as both her and Aria questioned him. Ciera expected an outburst of some sort… though he remained calm. Sure, he may be calm on the outside, but his sideways glance towards Miranda didn’t go unnoticed by the Faerie Queen.

“Efrit, my dear, you are correct. Repetition plays a very large part in keeping the humans from becoming too wise…” Ciera said in a calm tone of her own. Efrit was playing it cool… and by the slight twitch of unease from Miranda, she knew that the others had picked up on it as well.

No matter how uneasy things were at the moment, Ciera had to agree with Efrit on his one statement because repetition did  play a big part in keeping the humans in the dark so to speak. The fairy tales that have been fed to the humans are all similar in some way or another, and by repeating similar stores, it becomes more fact than fiction in their minds. While Ciera agreed with the Djinn representative to a degree, she didn’t find it all that amusing that he was taking full credit for shaping their minds and their thoughts. It was the same old story… The Djinn believed they were gods, and nobody else could say otherwise.

Aria too noticed Efrit’s sideways glance towards Miranda and she couldn’t help but wonder what secrets he was hiding. The Vampire could tell that Ciera was biting her own tongue as Efrit went on to claim that his race was solely responsible for creating the human’s reality. Aria couldn’t help but grin a little childishly knowing how annoyed the faeiry leader must be getting.

It was then that Miranda spoke up, and she brought up a rather good point. While the reality of the past may have been simpler, that was not the reality of the present, which only made Aria wonder what other secrets Efrit may have hidden behind his statue-like presence.


2 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge: Secrets

    • All the credit for bringing the Djinn into focus belongs to Nu Tael! He wanted to bring a little “spice” to the story! Thanks for stopping in! 😀

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