A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Torture

Torture me with your drivel. This is the reason I came here today. To watch the faery sit there dumbfounded, the vampire as usual mute despite calling this meeting, and the wolf who is going senile before she enters the grave.” Efrit retorts sarcastically .

“You torture me with such harsh words proxy djinn king. So rarely does this old woman get to see your cheeky and pouting face.” Miranda replies with a small smile.

“It is rare Miranda. Fortunately these times won’t be for much longer. Time is not your ally. Within the next century you will be dead and the next meeting will be with a new wolf.”

“That is true. The next time we have such a meeting this big it will most likely be with a new leader to my race. I will expect you to treat them with the full respect that you would give to me. Or else I’ll have to haunt you from beyond the grave.”

“Do give my respects to the afterlife. Although I would rather have this meeting with your successor than you. There is no point in discussing such an important topic with someone who is more than half way in the grave. Push yourself too much and you may find yourself there quicker.”

The old wolf gives a little chuckle at this. “You know I never realized time or death played favorites. There’s one thing I know in this world. Whether you live for a day or for one thousand years or supposedly forever… everything dies. And while I may be the first one to leave this world it is only a possibility. Any of you could be dead by tomorrow due to a series of unfortunate events. And if that happens I hope you all have your successors in place. It would be a lot of torture for them to take up the title and have no idea in what to do.”

The stand-in ruler of the djinn demons slightly cracks his eyes open. Through the crack only crimson can be seen as if his eyes would begin to bleed out the red color down his face. “Woe onto those who strike at a god thinking they have impunity. That sort of egotism is punished with unfathomable torture for all eternity. One’s greatest nightmare is only the beginning of profound despair.”.

“Woe onto gods whose megalomania drives them to think they are untouchable.” The smile before falls as Miranda’s attention is back on the djinni. Sapphire pupils as cold and frozen as the burning and melting gaze of Efrit.  “Remember Efrit. Pantheons fall. Even gods die in due time.”.

Wolf and djinn barely looking at each other yet the tension is rising. One side a volcano about to erupt. The other side a tsunami incoming. Two disasters about to destroy everything in between. In the audience Dysnom cracks his knuckles and neck getting ready to for what may happen. His amber eyes targeting the djinn sovereign and gauging how fast he’d be able to reach him. Taking his head may be a problem, but the fanged alpha is sure he can latch on to his lower jaw and tear everything off below. Watching Dysnom from the other side is Jann. The blue skinned djinni making her own plans to counterattack anything that happens. Not on the same level as the amber eyed werewolf, her mind considers getting close enough to boil the liquid in his eyes. Such a sneak attack would bring things on an even level for her to fight him.

And yet the volcano simmers and the tsunami recedes. Miranda’s smile returns and Efrit reverts to his statue like state. Eyes closed and only his voice just emanating from his mouth. “Ciera… why do you think your race should be the rulers of the other races? What is special about the faeries that should have them rule?” the djinn questions. The djinn and wolf turn away from each other.


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