A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Undoing

Undoing their rationale… unraveling their reason. The wolf and djinn become unbound from their civilized states growing more to their demonic sides.

Ciera simply watched as Efrit and Miranda began to pick at one another: one was battling on the side of Gods; the other pointing out the weakness of Gods. While they shot comments back and forth, Ciera turned her gaze to Aria, the vampire leader simply returning her cool gaze before turning her own attention to the audience.

The tension at the table was beginning to radiate through the audience. As Efrit and Miranda continued on, their war paths, it was clear that the members in the audience were becoming restless. While most tried to remain calm, there were a few that were letting themselves become undone, allowing their demonic sides shine through.

Ciera noticed Dysnom, the muscle behind Miranda, cracking his knuckles as he gets ready to pounce if need be. The faeiry queen could swear she could see the hairs on his head standing up straight… like a frightened cat. She couldn’t help but giggle a little before turning her attention back to the conversation at hand.

Aria could sense the tension in the room spreading like wildfire as well. Where Ciera seemed to be enjoying the show, Aria was taking careful notes on who was reacting to the leaders who have begun to come undone here at the table.

She too noticed the wolf getting ready to pounce… but Aria also noticed Jann, the female version of Efrit, sitting on the edge of her own seat. While she may be able to keep a calmer composure, the other leaders were well aware of the fact that Jann was no force to mess with.

While those two were the first to consider the biggest threats, it was clear that there were plenty of others in the audience that were beginning to wonder exactly where this meeting was headed. After a few moments, the table grew quiet before Efrit turned his attention away from Efrit and back to Ciera.

“Ciera… why do you think your race should be the rulers of the other races? What is special about the faeries that should have them rule?”

Ciera turned from the closed off Djinn leader back towards the audience. Clearly there was little interest in why she should lead the demon races… There was something boiling between Miranda and Efrit, and she was dying to know what it was.

“Well clearly the Fae are far less hot headed then the rest of you…” she said with a smile and a bit of a giggle. “You’re all letting yourselves come undone… Do you think it wise to come off so hot headed? I know I wouldn’t want to be led by some hot headed wolf or psychotic and delusional Djinn…”

While she giggled like a young child, her statements where clearly pushing the tension amongst the audience to an almost unbearable level. Her smile soon turned to a bit of a twisted grin as she watched vampire, wolf, djinn, and faerie alike began to come more and more undone. Vampires started showing their fangs, fae faces began to turn dark, clear growls could be heard from the wolves, and the infuriated looks of the djinn could be seen all throughout the audience.

Ciera was no longer interested in “proving” she should reign over the races; instead she found more entertainment the undoing of the representatives at the table. Clearly she had riled up the audience, so she turned back to the three at the table, eyeing each of the representatives in turn as she waited to see who was next.


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