A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: War

War seemed imminent at this point… Aria couldn’t see any way around it. While she may have been one of the quietest of the group throughout the meeting, she was keeping a close eye on the demeanors of the other three leaders.

Now that Efrit and Miranda seemed to be ready to pounce, the tension continued to build throughout the auditorium. It was clear that there were many in the audience that were ready and willing to attack at any point in time, so far only Spinel, a war-hungry Faerie, had spoken up to this point. While Spinel oozed violence, others had only acted out in small ways, but that didn’t mean other’s weren’t ready and willing to pounce on the next person to say the wrong thing.

While Miranda and Efrit seemed to take a moment to process what the war-hungry faerie has said, Aria noticed Ciera out of the corner of her eye. The leader of the Fae had a very childish grin plastered on her face as she nodded her head and clapped towards Spinel in a form of appreciation for her input into the situation.

“This meeting was called for one reason: to address the fact that humans are quickly figuring out that there is more to this world then what the Fae and Djinn have implanted in their minds…” Aria began. “It would seem as if the only course of action any of us can agree on is to make one of our races run supreme over the rest…”

Aria took a moment and eyed each of the leaders in turn. It would be foolish for any of them to try denying their desire for leadership at this point in time, no matter how scholarly or diplomatic they tried to be.

“If things can’t be settled in a peaceful manner… then our only other option would be war, which could go one of two ways…”

Aria let her statement linger in the air as she listened to the volume in the audience go from quiet and tense to almost excited… excited in the sense of fear and in joy, as many of the demons thrived for violence of some sort… War would give them all a reason to explode… to let their demonic nature run free…

Of course, it could go a more peaceful and diplomatic way, but war was hardly ever that simple…



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