A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Xenial

Xenial little botfly aren’t you, Spinel?” Miranda says with a small laugh from her mouth.

Xenial? I… don’t know what that means.. but I assure you I’m no fly. I’m more like…

A butterfly

Or the twinkle in a baby’s eye

Or maybe a rainbow in the sky

Or the beautiful shine of stars before they die

But I feel rather insulted that such a delicate flower as myself to be compared to a fly.” Spinel retorts, her voice and tone a mix of normal speech and singing.

“Yes. I’m sure you’re as delicate and easy to crush like a flower. Now sit down. The grownups are talking.” Miranda replies back turning her attention back to the other leaders around the table. The dryad like faery’s vicious smile turns into a frown. One thing she doesn’t like is being ignored. She holds back her tongue, but remains standing defiant to the wolf’s words.

The Lunar Queen’s eyes sweep around the table twice before stopping at Ciera. “Ironic. The faeries say they are most fit to rule due to passiveness and yet they are the first ones to fan the flames of war. Do all of your kind feel this way Ciera? Or do you just not have control over your subjects. Cause if it is the former then by your own words you’ve disqualified yourself from this. If it is the latter then someone who can’t even control her subjects can’t control other demon races. Even the proxy king exerts better control over his subjects.” the old woman says.

Leaning back in her chair, Miranda lets out a sigh. The blue eyes move away from her peers and onto the audience. That damn Spinel has always been a spanner in the works. While the wolf and djinn leaders are openly passive aggressive they could keep themselves business like and not feed the crowd too much. But Spinel… is both the gasoline and matches. Miranda wonders why that faery has been allowed to live for so long. Who even gave word to her that this meeting was happening? Somewhere in the future that oversight will need to be taken care of.

But for now, the blue eye wolf needs to think of how to keep this meeting under control. Her mind running as fast as it did in her youth to throw water on this growing fire. “Before we go on a testosterone filled savage king of the hill, let me predict the results of this. Suppose we all go into a melee now. Whoever survives goes back home and rallies the rest of their race and all four races go to war. Our war becomes so great that now the human world knows of our existence and then they also go to war with us. Somewhere along the way humans feel pressured by the absurdity and strength of us demons and fire one of their great bombs, ending all of us. So maybe we should think carefully before going to war. But judging by the audience there seems to be a lot of built up tension that needs to be taken care of. I have my own idea for how to decide who shall lead…”

The old wolf says thinking far ahead of her words. Both palms cupped, her aged face first looks down at the table before staring up at the ceiling. “But first and foremost, little Aria has also brought up a point. With all this trying to figure out who will rule we have forgotten the main reason for this meeting. What to do about human expansion and awareness? Because sooner or later we won’t be able to remain hidden… the world isn’t as big as it used to be.” the old woman says with a sigh. Her mind stops for a second to reminisce on past times, but that is only for a second. Her place is in the present. Not the past. “So my fellow king and queens. Who has an idea of what to do?”.

The sapphire pupils then look up into the audience in the direction of the dryad. “What about you Spinel? Do you have any ideas on that topic? You look like you have so much to say.” she asks jovially.

“What was that word you used? Xenial? Yes. You’re quite xenial Miranda.” the faery spits out.


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