A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Yuppies

Yuppies the lot of them… thought Ciera as she watched Miranda’s verbal tussle with Spinel. The old wolf could play as many word games as she wanted with the violent Faerie, but if she wasn’t careful, Spinel would begin the war before any of the leaders agreed to anything.

“My dear Miranda… You of all people should know that sometimes, there are the few that seem out of control, but are really only a means to convey a message.” She turned her gaze from the old dog to Spinel in the audience, still defying the werewolf’s orders to take her seat. “My dearest Spinel is only suggesting what I know is on the minds of all here tonight, both leaders and members of the greater audience. Or are you too old to notice the general assembly’s current fire of emotion?”

The Faerie queen took a short pause before she continued one, eyeing Miranda carefully.

“The Fae are the most passive, but I cannot deny that a war of some sort has been at our doorstep for some time now, and as Aria said, it can go one of two ways: become a bloody mess, which I’m sure my little Spinel will enjoy immensely, as will a handful of others, or we can be diplomatic about the situation and move forward in a more peaceful manner. And while you wish to call out my people because one soul has spoken up from the audience, why don’t you take into consideration your own pack who seem more than ready to pounce at any given moment,” Ciera spit out, the smallest flush of color coming to the otherwise pale face of the leader. “Which is worse, someone ready to jump and kill at any second or someone ready to fight with their words?”

Ciera knew that she was only biding time at this point. Spinel was no innocent when it came to the topic of bloodshed. While she may be fueling the fires of war with words, which was only temporary as the Faerie queen knew that the murderous Faerie was only looking for her moment to begin some bloodshed, whether it be here or after this ridiculous meeting came to a close.

Aria ran her tongue lightly over her fangs as she listened to the squabbling continue on. While the Vampire Queen didn’t mind a little bloodshed, the idea of war seemed a tad ridiculous when the whole point of the meeting was to keep the humans oblivious to their existence. While she may have brought up the subject, she didn’t necessarily believe it was the smartest plan of action, though if things continued to move forward as they had, there would be no choice in the matter.

“Maybe the best way to deal with the human situation,” she began, carefully eyeing each of the leaders in turn, “is to stop trying to hide our existence in the first place.” A loud murmur broke the temporary silence. Surely, many believed the Vampire Queen for even suggesting something like this, but Aria had a point to make.

“We were all once great leaders of races that dominated most of the planet, were we not?” Aria took a short pause before she continued on. “Now we are the yuppies in this entire situation! Once great demons now fearing over the fact that their dinner may find out that they are more than just a figment of their imagination, more than just a bad dream. If the humans were raised to be our play things, then why are we the ones hiding from them?”

She then turned to Miranda with a stony gaze, “Yes, they have all mighty bombs and firearms… But what is that compared to the greatness of the demons?”


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