A to Z Blogging Challenge 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Zugzwang

Zugzwang. A term in chess where a player is forced to make a move, but any move they make would put the player at a disadvantage. Failure is the only option. The demon races are all in zugzwang. All except for…

Aria’s words creates an increasing buzz among the crowd. Why should they hide? How has it come to a point where demons tippy toed around the human civilization? There is no reason for the predator to be afraid of the prey. The djinn reflect on how the cattle should realize they are cattle and nothing more. The wolves and vampires contemplate about openly feasting on humans without restraint of stealth. The faeries consider the possibility of having mother nature overrun all humanity’s urban creations, bringing the world back to what is was before man learned how to make a wheel. Mankind has come far enough. It is time for their evolution to cease and for them to return to how they were. The chatter among demons approving this grows louder and louder.

Miranda can only rub her head in annoyance by this. The old woman does not expect the vampire queen to make such a suggestion. Her mind considering all the implications and aftermath of such a thing. “Since you all seem to want to cull and control the farm that the djinn have worked so diligent on… how will you do it?” Efrit says with a sigh. It is clear the crimson demon is not happy with what seems to be soon a unanimous decision. Miranda does not think that he would have submit so easily to this idea. Ciera will most likely follow just for the pandemonium this will cause. Aria backing it and Efrit yielding… that leaves Miranda outvoted.

“You’re taking this a lot better than I’d think Efrit. You’re not even pouting.” the elder wolf says.

“It seems the only reason the djinn have been called here today is for the rest of you to plunder our farm. If you all are so desperate for it then we will prune humanity. Then the djinn shall grow it again. For the least to stop your whining.” the crimson djinni responds, annoyance in his voice. While his outer appearance shows displeasure within is the opposite. For Efrit this is…


“Spinel you proved more useful than I expected. You managed to get Aria to come to this…” Efrit thinks to himself. Getting the savage faery to this meeting to escalate things has been one of the pivotal parts of his plan. He waited to see if she would get involved and at one point almost gave up at one point. But Spinel proves herself again. Due to position and rank she can do what he cannot, but that is how things should be. For the morning star has learned that one of the best ways to manipulate is have someone else perform what you need while having neutrality and indifference towards it. Knowing the personalities of some of the demons also ensures to know how they will move and react to things. The savage faery is a wild card, but overall an easy piece to move. Like a rook on a chess board. Just like the Marid, the Djinn King.

The djinn were not going to have a representative at this meeting. While Marid is great leader, centuries ago he had gone into complete isolation. Staying in only the caves of djinn and living nothing but a hedonistic lifestyle of greed, gluttony, and lust. He no longer has seen any reason for him or the djinn to be involved with the world. As long as the farm kept going and food could be sent to him that was enough. The one who openly opposed his rule and wanted more was Jann. Efrit was the one to silence and keep control of Jann’s growing legion of dissenters. Marid never realized that Efrit controlled all of Jann’s actions. Hence when Jann said she would go to this meeting as spokesperson, Marid ordered for Efrit to go instead and allowed Jann to go to keep an eye on her. The king and pawn moved simultaneously.

Yet it did not stop there. Through another djinni, the crimson demon had two young djinn, not even over a century old, go on an assignment. This assignment had them go through the territory of Spinel. Knowing the faery’s taste in victims and that children under pain would speak. They spill the information of the meeting. Spinel always wanting a stage to perform and blood to spill…. With so many there, it is an opportunity for her bloodlust. The pawn sacrificed to lure rook.

And now the meeting is where Efrit wants it. The world is where it needs to be. With human expansion it would eventually come to a clash between them and demons. And if a war is to come causalities on both sides cannot be accounted for. Because the moment a war is opened up against humans surely other demons will think about expanding their territory or taking advantage of another race. And if not, Efrit knows the right ignitions for it to happen. After this meeting it will be time to make plans for Spinel to kill Ciera. With the main faery leader dead the rest of the race will fall apart in confusion and they will be easy to erase.

Then the vampires and werewolves. Watching the vampire race under Aria’s rule, Efrit has come to realize that they are more reactive to things than active. They would not get involved if the faery race goes asunder. Maintaining their goals and keeping out of others. The werewolves on the other side are active and opportunists. To keep them out of the ruination of the faery, Efrit has something in mind. The chain and remains of Styks will be the ignition. As will a vampire known as Ebol Zair. Styks, Ebol Zair and Dysnom will be the pieces to move. Moving a knight and two queens will bring out the kings.

And while all this happens humanity can whittle all sides down. Including some djinn. Because some will need to be sacrificed for this. This is just a small part to the overall plan. A vision that was a lone candle in the dark centuries ago, sparked and grew during World War II, and finally became into a firestorm because of the Chernobyl disaster. Then years of testing made correct at Fukushima in Japan. While the test subject caused the experiment to become a failure, the tests proved correct.

The other races came to this meeting in part to make sure their race is the highest hierarchy and rule over the other races. Even the djinn. This is not the crimson demon’s aim. “A hierarchy is not needed. Because the other demons are not needed. They don’t need to be subjects or slaves to gods. They don’t need to be oxen on a farm. They just don’t need to be… Their existence is no longer needed. Extinction is their next evolution.” Efrit thinks to himself as his eyes survey his peers. No longer seeing them as beings, but as pieces. Pieces that need to be taken off of the board.

Because zugzwang signals the endgame. The morning star finds this ironic. This maybe the endgame to this meeting. But the endgame here is the beginning of the true battle. For once this curtain closes it is only time till the next one opens. And when it does, there will be no going back. As the other demons continue to chatter and figure out the next course of action Efrit sits thinking of the future.

“Demonkind’s extinction begins.”


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