The Art of Fighting

Her left fist strikes out with a dozen jabs. Her arm like a piston, the movement nearly a blur. Yet all this speed cannot catch her foe. His face moves out the way leaving an inch distance between his skin and her knuckles. Sweat drips from his face as much as hers but he keeps a cocky smile. Time to switch up. Her arm cocks back preparing for something else, but her opponent is still a step ahead. He advances, his knee surging forward for her face. No time to dodge. Both arms cross in front of her to defend. Bone connects against bone pushing the girl back. Sweat falls from her chin and neck. Her confidence dwindling with each step her opponent advances.

Earlier this month was the ‘Fight of the Century’ between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Unfortunately the fight did not live up to expectations and many found it underwhelming and boring. Unlike real life fighting, fiction tends to always be entertaining. Flashy moves, one liners, the momentum of the fight swinging back and forth between the opponents, long and drawn out, and many other things. Fictional fights incorporate some of these tropes that are rarely seen in real life. Real life fights tend to be on the gritty side of things, with not much talking, and can end quickly and abruptly.

If a person likes to write action or fighting scenes with a lot of technicality I think, if possible, they should try to take up a martial art or look at some videos with real bar fights, street fights and sport fighting. Taking up one, like karate or boxing, gives you a better understanding of the body and how a person may think if put in combative situations. This would give the emotional feelings to a character. One should also check out some videos like MMA, martial art exhibitions and street fights, to gain an outward look at some of the technical moves and pacing that happens.

In my opinion the most important thing is to learn from reality and adapt it to fantasy. As the reality tends to not be the most exciting, showing things a little unrealistically makes for a more entertaining read. If the reader finds it entertaining and at the same time doesn’t find it outlandish you’ve hit the target.

Ohh and a quick tip. When in doubt grab two bendable action figures and have them act out the fight. You have no idea how many times Spiderman and Scorpion have helped out (had to replace both Sub-zero and Psylocke cause Spiderman broke their arms off, but i digress..).

Get up and join the fight.


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